Apartment and Multi-Family Insurance

Handling multi-family duplexes and apartment buildings is no easy feat. Not only do you have to keep your tenants satisfied, but you also must ensure that every unit – and all general spaces – are safe places to live and play. As a specialist in multi-family buildings, we know what it takes to protect your apartments, duplexes and multi-family homes. An Acentria Insurance expert will work with you to develop a business property insurance policy that helps protect you, your tenants and your multi-family dwelling.

After reviewing your community and its specific needs, we will recommend a comprehensive business property insurance portfolio that may include (but is not limited to) the following coverages:

Multi-family dwellings are residential buildings that house more than one family. This includes duplexes, homes and small apartment buildings. Multi-family building owners may or may not live on-site.

If you own a building, you need business property insurance. And if you own a small residential building that houses more than one family, you specifically need a multi-family property insurance policy. Risks related to weather, wear-and-tear, litigation and tenant accidents are all relevant in apartment building and duplex ownership. Acentria has a team of experts that are well-versed in the space – and can help you protect your property.

A condo master policy is usually comprised of both liability and property damage coverage. Since it’s the responsibility of the condo association to maintain common areas of the building, it is also their responsibility under the condo master policy to cover medical expenses (i.e.: if a tenant is hurt on-property) or building damage. Premiums typically are drawn from unit owners’ dues. Contact Acentria for additional information on these business property insurance policies.

Many business property insurance policies do cover vandalism and theft caused by riots. If your property is damaged as a result of riots, it’s important to contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible for immediate next steps. It’s also important to be proactive; don’t wait until an incident occurs to ensure optimal protection. Talk to an Acentria agent today to see how you can safeguard your assets with a comprehensive business property insurance policy.

Take the Next Step

Every apartment building, duplex and multi-family building is different – which means you need a team with the expertise and experience required to develop a comprehensive risk management program. No matter the size of your community or where it is located, Acentria can help mitigate these risks for your business.

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