Condominium Insurance

A condo insurance policy provides coverage for not just your personal items, but also “Additions and Alterations” as well as Liability within your individual condo unit. The condo unit owner policy provides coverage to the unit owner beyond what the condo association policy provides. 

Interior damage is the unit owners responsibility and coverage may be provided under an HO6 Condo policy on an individual basis. Condo insurance may provide protection for your property if there is damage to the interior of your unit (drywall, flooring light fixtures, cabinets, etc.) or even assist in paying a special assessment from the association after a catastrophic loss to the building occurs from a storm or fire.

Personal policy recommendations for coverage to be carried by a condo unit-owner:

It can be confusing to figure out your condo responsibility for your specific unit, so we are here to assist you in finding the condo insurance policy that fits your needs. At Acentria Insurance, we have the experience and insurance companies to tailor a quote and policy for you across the South; we service Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and South Carolina, including the coast.

How can a HO6 Unit Owners policy for your condo protect you? Here are some common home risks found within your condo:

Additions and Alterations – Additions, alterations, and improvements made to your individual condo unit are subject to damages, i.e. fire, water, wind, etc. As a condo unit owner you are responsible for anything on the interior of your unite from the drywall and inward.  This includes ceilings, floor coverings, light fixtures, cabinets and more.

Personal Property – The contents in your individual condo are your responsibility to insure. Personal property coverage is provided on a condo unit owner policy under Coverage C – Contents/Personal Property. This includes items such as your television, furniture, clothing, lamp, etc. Collectible, antique and jewelry is NOT covered under a standard condo policy; coverage must be scheduled and itemized specifically.

Personal Liability – If a guest trips and falls in your condo unit while visiting, you are responsible. Whether damage was intentional or not, maintaining coverage for claims made against you for bodily injury or property damage is imperative. Personal Liability coverage is offered in various limits on your condo unit owner policy. Also, minimum limits of liability are required to be carried in order to purchase a separate Personal Umbrella policy which provides additional liability protection.

Medical Expenses – You’re responsible if a guest is injured while on your property. You may be required to pay medical expenses related to an injury that took place within your unit. Ensure your condo insurance policy covers Medical Expenses to Others in the event a person is injured on your property. Typical condo policy limits range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Loss Assessment – Loss assessment coverage provides protection to the condo unit owner in the event of an assessment after a loss to the building or community, i.e. a hurricane caused damage to the building entrance ways and needs repair but the association turns to the unit owners to offset this cost by an assessment. Limits of coverage vary depending on the condo policy options available.

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Your condo is more than a unit or a vacation rental, and Acentria Insurance is more than just insurance providers. Our condo insurance experts take the time to get to know you and your circumstances in order to custom create an insurance portfolio that meets all of your unique needs.

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