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High-net-worth insurance designed around you and your lifestyle.

Discover insurance tailored specifically to your needs as a high-net-worth individual. We can help protect your assets while being mindful of the unique demands of your lifestyle. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you or your team to create your customized insurance portfolio. We work to ensure you have exceptional coverage options by partnering with high-net-worth home insurance companies such as:

At Acentria, we do more than help to protect your home, because we understand that your estate includes so much more: private collections, aviation, marine, antiques, fine art, jewelry, the list goes on. We invite you to explore our additional coverage options to best meet your needs, such as replacement costs, home replacement and more, to protect every aspect of your high-net-worth lifestyle.

High-Value Home Insurance

The finest protection starts with your home – and a partner who understands the demands of managing high-value properties, as well as the risks that come with them. Protect both yourself and your family with extended coverage limits for property and personal liability coverage across both primary residences and vacation homes.

In the event of an unforeseen accident or disaster, coverage options are available to make the unexpected more manageable. We also work with you to help explore coverage options for personal belongings (such as furniture, clothing and appliances), extra living expenses, added property structures, personal legal liability and more.

Natural Disasters

Depending on your geographical location, some natural disasters are more prevalent than others. In areas of lower sea level elevations such as coastal counties, barrier islands, inland bays & water ways, consider the likelihood of hurricanes and potential flood damage to your estate. No matter the disaster, we help ensure you have the proper coverage in place so your home remains intact.

If you’re located in any of these Florida locations, let Acentria Insurance help:

Hired Help

From drivers to nannies, chefs, assistants and more, we understand that it takes a team to run your household. Make sure you’re protected against a variety of potential litigation claims that may arise related to personal injuries, discrimination, termination, sexual harassment claims and even slander allegations. We can help build a custom insurance portfolio that shields you from the negative impact of potential accusations and lawsuits.


Sometimes, circumstances beyond your control interrupt even the best-laid travel plans, but you can position yourself now to protect your investments. Avoid losses that stem from non-refundable travel items, such as hotel reservations, airfare and more, through one of our travel insurance policies. We can even help you set up coverage for damage to personal property, death and other medical emergencies that happen while you’re on vacation.


When it comes to your antique, classic or collector cars, you have options for safeguarding your priceless collection:

Equine Insurance

You give your horse(s) the finest care, and we’re here to help you protect that investment. In the event of death, theft or human destruction, our risk, mortality and theft coverage include reimbursement.

For horse ownership that falls outside commercial purposes, we can also help protect you should your horse ever inflict property damage or bodily harm, on or off your premises. Private horse owner liability insurance is available in the U.S., Canada and other U.S. territories with up to $1 million in coverage.

Let's Partner

As you continue to forge a legacy, our dedicated risk management insurance professionals will help you protect every piece of it.  We understand the unique needs of a high-net-worth portfolio, and we will work as your partner to make sure you have the protection you require across an exceptional collection of assets. Let’s connect to examine policy options and figure out what makes the most sense for your specific holdings. 

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