Acentria is with you through every stage of life – and that includes guiding you through Medicare eligibility and enrollment perplexities. We offer a variety of plan options, including Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug coverage.

Navigating Medicare plans can seem daunting or confusing. But with Acentria’s expertise, guidance and personalized attention, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s how Medicare coverage works:

Medicare is available to seniors 65 and older, as well as people with disabilities, permanent kidney failure (requiring dialysis or a transplant) or Lou Gehrig’s disease. If you have been collecting Social Security benefits for at least 24 months, you also may qualify for Medicare. Contact us to learn more about eligibility and requirements.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance (or Medigap) is an additional plan that helps ensure full coverage for the consumer when Medicare isn’t enough on its own. A Medigap plan may cover areas like coinsurance, copayments and deductibles. To qualify for Medigap, you must have Medicare Parts A and B.

Before retiring, you need to check your current employee benefits termination dates, explore future health insurance coverage options, and create an income plan for retirement. You also should estimate your retirement spending needs by determining current and projected healthcare costs. This may include Medicare premiums, prescription drug coverage and any Medicare supplemental plans.

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We care about the things that matter the most when it comes to you and your Medicare coverage. That’s why our team of professionals takes time to understand your needs and budget to pinpoint the best Medicare plan for you. Reach out today for a customized quote.

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