Recreational Vehicles

Whether you own a motor coach, toy hauler, travel trailer or some combination, Acentria provides insurance coverage for them all. If you are looking for the best coverage for your specific needs at the best possible price, look no further!

Why? Because Acentria is an independent insurance agency. That means Acentria is not owned or operated by any one insurance company. We have access to an array of companies and each one is different. Different coverage’s and rates means more opportunities for our clients. And in this case, “more” is “better!”

The right coverage for your motorhome or camper starts with what vehicle class you own. Do you have a Class A, Class B or Class C RV? Depending upon which RV class you own, how often you use it and whether you use your RV full time or are just a vacationer determines the insurance coverage types needed. Obtaining the right RV Insurance coverage is important to protect your investment. RV’s can cause serious damage to property and other vehicles.

To find the right coverage needed for your RV, contact us for a quote. We don’t provide quotes in 15 minutes like some other insurance companies. At Acentria, we need a little more time with you so that we can fully understand your needs, coordinate your personal coverage and ensure the best possible price. That’s how we do business.

Additional Coverage to Consider

We know that your motor coach may be your second home or even your home base! Remember, jewelry is typically only insured to a fixed value, so if you have expensive jewelry, coins, antiques or other high-value items, make sure you have these items covered whether you leave them at home during your travels or pack them to take along on the road. In most cases, by combining coverage’s we can save you even more money. That’s a good thing! And don’t forget about an inexpensive Umbrella Policy to protect you and your assets! An Umbrella Policy may provide liability coverage over and above your standard home, rv and auto policies.

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Talk with your caring Acentria professional about how you should be protected. If your agent has not addressed your valuables or an Umbrella Policy with you, please call us and allow us to assist you!

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