Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Whether it’s used as your home base or for travel, recreational vehicle insurance is essential in protecting your motorhome, toy hauler, travel trailer or camper. RV insurance coverage is unique because your recreational vehicle may be considered both your home and mode of transportation. Acentria Insurance provides specific RV insurance quotes to fit your vehicle’s class, purpose and usage.

Recreational vehicles can cause serious damage to property and other vehicles, so it’s crucial to obtain optimal coverage to protect your investment. The right coverage for your motorhome or camper starts with your vehicle’s class. Do you own a Class A, Class B or Class C RV? Your custom RV insurance quote varies based on the class, as well as how often you use the vehicle and whether you use your RV full-time – or simply on vacation.

Each Acentria RV insurance policy is customized to accommodate individual desires and needs. Often a blend of typical auto insurance policies and homeowners insurance policies, policyholders have many options when designing their recreational vehicle insurance policy; coverage may include medical payments, replacement costs of personal effects, collision damage, bodily injury, uninsured motorist and property damage. Coverage varies based upon an RV’s purpose and frequency of use.

Yes! We always encourage bundling for the best possible coverage when it comes to personal insurance. Bundling often saves you more money than a la carte policies – and it always provides better protection down the road. If you live in your RV full-time, it’s important to note that jewelry is typically only insured to a fixed value under most recreational vehicle insurance policies. If you have expensive jewelry, coins, antiques or other high-value items, you should ensure these are covered. Inexpensive personal umbrella insurance is also often an ideal pairing with recreational vehicle insurance; a personal umbrella policy can provide liability coverage above your standard RV policy.

Bundling your policies is a great way to save money on your recreational vehicle insurance. Does your RV tow along a speedboat or jet ski for weekend trips? A watercraft insurance policy could be an ideal pairing. There also might be some other ways to save money on a recreational vehicle insurance policy, depending on factors like your driving record. Contact an Acentria agent today for more information.

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When it comes to protecting your recreational vehicle, Acentria provides premium RV coverage – at the best possible price. As an independent insurance agency, we are not owned or operated by an insurance company; rather, we have access to an array of companies with different coverages and rates. Contact us today for a customized evaluation.

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