Homeowners Insurance

Your house is more than a home. It’s your haven, your happy place – and it holds both your family’s past and future. Above all, it protects the people whom you love and the things that you value. Likewise, homeowners insurance is more than insurance: it’s the foundation that supports all you love about your home. Whether it’s your childhood dwelling or seasonal home, Acentria helps protect it – and all that’s inside.

Homeowners insurance is comprised of several categories:

Replacement Cost Value: If something were to happen to your home, it should be insured for at least the replacement cost value to avoid excessive, out-of-pocket costs.

Detached Structure Coverage: Detached structures – such as sheds, garages or fences – are protected by basic coverage. However, coverage is sometimes limited on these structures and dependent on the main home insurance coverage.

Personal Property Coverage: Comprehensive homeowners insurance should automatically provide a separate amount to cover the loss of personal belongings after your deductible is paid. Organizing a home inventory will streamline the claims process, making it easier to document your losses.

Personal Liability Coverage: You are legally responsible if a guest is injured on your property. Because accidents can’t always be avoided, personal liability coverage is an invaluable part of your homeowners insurance coverage.

Loss of Use: When homes become uninhabitable, loss of use coverage helps you maintain your standard of living and provides valuable benefits like additional living expenses.

In its simplest form, homeowners insurance (or home insurance) provides coverage when your home is damaged. But home insurance coverage goes beyond that; it also protects you in the event that a guest is harmed on your property. It can even cover detached structures on your property, like fences and sheds.

It depends! We know that your needs may not be the same as your neighbors’ needs; we develop relationships with our clients in order to fully understand your situation. That helps us customize a comprehensive risk management program that puts your home on firm footing. Contact us today for a complimentary, customized homeowners insurance quote.

When putting together a homeowners insurance quote, we take several factors into account. The location of your home is a primary factor; for instance, beach house requirements vary from inland homes. We look at the age and price of your home, as these factors will affect the rebuilding costs. Certain safety precautions or home features – such as wood-burning stoves – can also raise or lower rates. Additionally, the desired level of coverage greatly impacts your policy.

Take the Next Step

Your home is important – and must be carefully protected. Whether you’re a new home buyer or a veteran homeowner, our homeowners insurance professionals take the time to get to know you. We can custom-create an insurance portfolio that best meets your needs. Contact us today to get started – and be on your way to greater peace of mind. 

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