Happy Labor Day from Acentria Insurance

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This Labor Day weekend stay safe, enjoy time with family and friends, and think about the future. Whether it is protecting your home during hurricane season or your family with life insurance, consider all your protection options with Acentria Insurance.

Hurricane Season

September is one of the most active months of hurricane season. In just 3 months, our hurricane season has consisted of:

  • 16 Tropical Depressions
  • 15 Tropical Storms
  • 4 Hurricanes
  • 1 Major Hurricane
  • Total combined damages of over $14 billion 
  • 105 fatalities

Protect yourself, your home, and even your business with a flood policy. Visit our Flood Protection page here: Flood Insurance

Did you know that once a storm is named, binding restrictions take effect? Binding restrictions or what was previously referred to being in “the box” or “the cone” prevent any changes, amendments, or additions to coverage, including flood policies.


Life Insurance Awareness Month


The month of September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. We urge you to consider reviewing your current life insurance plan and/or adding life insurance as a part of your risk management plan if you haven’t done so already. At Acentria Insurance, we have various plan options available depending on your needs and future goals. Protect your future and the futures of your loved ones with life insurance. Learn more and even request a quote here: Life Insurance Information & Quote Options



Happy Labor Day from Acentria Insurance!