Tallahassee Insurance

Take comfort in knowing that your often-largest investment – your home – is protected with a Tallahassee homeowners insurance policy.

Acentria in Tallahassee, Florida

As the capital of Florida, Tallahassee is a unique and important city – and its communities must be protected. Our Tallahassee office is a full-service provider that offers custom-designed plans for both individuals and businesses. Acentria stands out among other Tallahassee insurance agencies because it offers protection in all aspects of your life – whether you need to insure your house with home insurance, protect your vehicle with an auto insurance policy or safeguard your business with a comprehensive umbrella policy.

Services Provided

Our Tallahassee insurance office is a full-service provider, offering coverage for all your needs. Here are some of our service options:

Auto Insurance

Help protect your owned or leased vehicle from theft and damage with a Tallahassee auto insurance policy from Acentria.

Homeowner's Insurance

Keep your home – and all that it houses – protected through Acentria’s Tallahassee homeowners insurance plans.

Our Dedicated Team

How it works

Personal insurance corresponds to almost every important part of your life, from your home to your automobile. Implementing personal insurance is important because it protects both you and your family members from potentially catastrophic scenarios like drastic medical bills or bodily injury from an accident. At Acentria, we encourage our clients to keep all policies under one roof, so that we may offer the proper coverage and premiums that fully envelope you. Full protection enables you to feel secure – and that provides priceless peace of mind.

Absolutely. Bundling isn’t just limited to categories within personal insurance or business insurance. Business owners still need personal insurance policies – and vice versa. After taking time to get to know our clients’ situations and goals, we recommend which policies we’d bundle together for maximum protection. This specialized attention means that none of our quotes are cookie cutter; by providing custom solutions for all aspects of your life, we’re able to stay true to our promise of being a Dedicated Resource for All Things Insurance.

Ready to get started?

At Acentria, each Tallahassee insurance quote is personalized for your coverage needs, requests – and the community where you live. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.