Hurricane Season is HERE! Be storm ready!

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Hurricane Michael was the strongest hurricane to hit Florida, and the United State since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.
With 161 mph winds at landfall, it developed into a major hurricane from a tropical depression in less than 24 hours.

Hurricanes Irma, Florence and Michael all ravaged Florida in the past 2 years.

Are YOU prepared for Hurricane Season?


Flood Insurance

Already have flood insurance?

Congratulations, you are a step ahead to ensure you’re protected this Hurricane Season

Don’t have flood insurance? Do you need it? — YES!

  • Flooding is the number one Natural Disaster in America
  • 98% of U.S. counties have been affected by flooding
  • Over 80% of losses for Hurricanes Florence, Harvey and Irma DID NOT have flood insurance coverage
  • Even a few inches of water can cost thousands of dollars
  • Flood damage is not covered by your standard homeowners insurance policy
  • In order to receive money from FEMA, your affected area must be declared under a State of Emergency
  • The MOST FEMA will pay out is $33K per HOUSEHOLD
  • A flood policy can cost less than $400/ year, but can payout up to $250K of your claim

Did you know?

  • A flood policy typically has a 30 day waiting period before it takes effect unless you are purchasing a new property
  • Once a named storm is tracking to hit your area, you can no longer purchase or or make changes to existing coverage on an insurance insurance policy
  • Everyone lives in a flood zone

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